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Another type of abuse of the Feedback system is Feedback manipulation. This means that you are not allowed to manipulate Feedback or detailed seller ratings (DSRs) in any way.

Obielo' Feedback system allows members to rate each other after a transaction has been completed. Please make sure you follow the guidelines below when leaving Feedback otherwise your Feedback may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other disciplinary actions, including restrictions on your buying privileges and suspension or termination of your account.

What Are The Guidelines?
Not Allowed

  • Exchanging Feedback for the sole purpose of increasing a seller’s Feedback score, getting website privileges, or enhancing a seller’s reputation.
  • Manipulating a seller's DSRs through a combination of repeat purchases and leaving low DSRs to reduce a seller’s Feedback scores, or leave positive Feedback with consistently low DSRs.
  • Offering to pay members for their user ID
  • Offering to sell, buy, barter, or give away Feedback
  • Working with other members or registering multiple accounts to artificially increase a seller’s Feedback score 
  • Other improper interests