back | How can I pay through Paypal?

Obielo supports PAYPAL as payment methods for orders to below countries currently:

United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, French, Italy, Germany, Israel, Netherland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emiratesd

  • Kindly note Paypal is only available when seller activated Paypal for his/her store.

  • You can find Paypal logo as payment method in product detail page if it is available to pay for that product.

  • Click 'Pay Now' to find it or select 'Other Payment Methods' to find this option.

Step 1: Find Paypal logo in product detail page


Step 2: Click 'Buy now' or 'Pay now' button to check available payment methods


Step 3: Select Paypal and you will be directed to Paypal site to complete it.


  • How can I pay through Paypal?